My Role
Lead UX Designer designing the app from conception to delivery.

User research, wireframing, prototyping.
Floral arrangement preview apps are not available on the market these days. Organizing orders can be busy for florists. Having a floral arrangement preview app would help the florist and different target audiences.

The goal was to design a usable, enjoyable, and user friendly floral arrangement preview app that lets the users order floral arrangements conveniently, from an imaginary florist shop - Starry Florist.

Target Audience

Working adults who don’t have time to visit the florist shop.

Persona 1 - Archie
Archie is a busy working adult who needs an easy and efficient way to order flowers because he has no time to visit the florist shop.
Persona 2 - Emily
Emily is a professional event planner who needs to order flowers for her clients in an efficient way because she is busy with other responsibilities at work. 

The app makes users change from ordering flowers at a florist shop to ordering from an app, making the process easier and more convenient, which fits with their busy schedules.

What I learned
I have learned that accessibility is important when it comes to designing an app. I have to consider the needs and wants of all users, not only one primary group of people.
Next Steps

1. I would conduct another round of usability study to test the app with actual users.

2. Conduct more user research to determine any new areas of need.

3. Actually coding and making this app come to life.

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