Christy Tsang is a graphic designer and illustrator. Always inspired by life and everything around us.

Be Safe Out There
A virtual workshop and campaign for tweens to learn about the positive and negative aspects of social media.
Hong Kong Science Museum Rebrand
Rebranding the corporate identity of the Hong Kong Science Museum. *This project is just a proposal, not affiliated with the Hong Kong Science Museum.
YSDN Variety
As one of the Social Media/Marketing Directors, I've led a team of aspiring and creative designers to create promotional materials and content for the YSDN Class of 2022 Grad Show. *Branding concept and style developed by YSDN 2022 Branding Team.
the macaron lab
A branding concept for the macaron lab, where you could customize your macarons in three simple steps.
It Just Blooms
A poster series inspired by the quote, "A flower does not think of comparing with the flower next to it, it just blooms."
Check out some illustrations I have created!
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party
Alice in Wonderland Tea Party invitation cards design.
The New Babysitter
The New Babysitter is a project that focuses on advocating and promoting the awareness of the negative impacts of too much screen time for children in this generation.
Fly Me to the Moon
A handwritten and expressive typography spread based on the lyrics of the song, Fly Me to the Moon (cover) by The Macarons Project.
The Letter G
This booklet explores the letter G, the seventh letter of the alphabet.
Crash Course Illustrations & Assets
During my internship and stay at Thought Café, I have created illustrations and assets for the Crash Course YouTube series as well as contributed to several projects.
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