My Role
Lead UX Designer designing the app from conception to delivery.

User research, wireframing, prototyping.
Many children struggle with understanding and managing their emotions effectively. This can lead to difficulties in interpersonal relationships, self-regulation, and overall well-being. 
Traditional educational methods may not always provide sufficient support for children to develop emotional intelligence and navigate their feelings in a healthy way.

The goal of an app and website that helps kids learn about emotions is to provide an interactive and engaging platform for children to explore, understand, and manage their emotions effectively. 
It aims to educate children about different emotions, their triggers, and healthy ways to express and regulate them. It also seeks to foster empathy, social skills, and self-awareness in children, enabling them to build stronger relationships and develop emotional resilience.

Target Audience

Children who have difficulties in identifying and expressing emotions.

Persona 1 - Charlie
Charlie is a lively and curious child who needs an easy and efficient way to understand different emotions and their causes because he finds emotions intriguing.
Persona 2 - Sarah
Sarah is a deeply thoughtful and empathetic child who needs wants to gain confidence in expressing her emotions and understanding the emotions of others because she desires to develop strategies for managing her emotions in various situations.  

The FeelSparkle app and website will help children learn and identify emotions, especially designed for those who have difficulties in expressing their emotions to peers. 

What I learned
I have learned that accessibility is important when it comes to designing an app. I have to consider the needs and wants of all users, not only one primary group of people. Designing for kids is also different than designing for adults, since the main goal is to maintain  their attention. 
Next Steps

1. I would conduct another round of usability study to test the app with actual users.

2. Conduct more user research to determine any new areas of need.

3. Actually coding and making this app come to life.

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